CarOffer Transport Look Instructions

     CarOffer Transport Look Instructions 

Scope of Look:  This pre-scheduled look involves driving a vehicle from a seller’s home to a car dealership; DO NOT RE-SCHEDULE. You will first complete the motor vehicle request link sent to you via email. After you receive a clear MVR Report, WGL will inform you that you may now drive your vehicle to the car dealership. Leave your vehicle at the dealership and ride in a pre-paid Lyft to the seller’s house. Then take photos of the seller’s vehicle and complete the CarGurus/CarOffer Intake Link. You will also need to pick-up documents from the Seller to drop off after transporting the vehicle. You will then drive the seller’s vehicle back to the dealership, complete the Look with Proof of Delivery photos, drop-off documents and photograph the shipping location.        




Step 1. Approve the DMV MVR request sent via email and wait for notification from WGL to proceed with scheduling.         


Step 2. Call seller to confirm transport of vehicle. Identify yourself to the seller with this script: 'Hello, I am _____ with WeGoLook on behalf of CarOffer and I’m calling to confirm the scheduled time of {Data and Time within APP} to inspect and transport your vehicle to the car dealership. Please confirm you received the packet of information from CarOffer.” If the seller needs to reschedule the pick up date and time (e.g., due to a missing packet), please update Date and Time within the APP. DO NOT SCHEDULE ON SUNDAY. You will also receive a text from Lyft containing a link that you will use to request a pre-paid ride after arriving at the dealership.          


Step 3. Drive to the dealership and introduce yourself to the Point of Contact, 'Hello, I am _____ with WeGoLook on behalf of CarOffer. I will be taking a Lyft to the seller’s house to inspect the {make, model of vehicle) and drive it back.” Use the Lyft link to request your ride to the seller’s house and notify the seller of your ETA.   


Step 4. Greet the seller, 'Hello, I am _____ with WeGoLook on behalf of CarOffer and I’m here to inspect and transport your vehicle to the car dealership.” Complete the CarGurus/Caroffer Intake verification link provided within the WeGoLook App (this link will take you outside of the WGL App; answer the questions and instruct the Seller to sign the bill of sale on your phone with their finger. You (the Looker) do not sign anything. Return to the WeGoLook app to perform the full vehicle inspection but do not submit the photos yet.        


Step 5. Ask the Seller for the packet of documents which you will drop off at a physical FedEx or UPS location (Not a Dropbox) after driving back to the dealership. Locate the temporary tag inside of the packet and properly display the temp tag by taping it to the inside of the rear window on the driver's side.  


Please Note: If located in CA, DE or MN the license plates will remain with the vehicle.   


Step 6. Drive the Seller’s vehicle back to the dealership and capture the Proof of Delivery photos and return the car keys to the Point of Contact at the dealership.         


Step 7. After returning to your vehicle, drop off the packet of documents at a physical FedEx or UPS location (Not a Dropbox) and capture shipping location photos and submit the Look.     


Step 8. If you experience any issues with the CarOffer Intake link or the packet provided please contact CarOffer immediately at 855-255-7484, Option 5. For any questions about completing the Look or if you experience issues with the Lyft ride please contact Looker Support. 

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