Setting Up Vacation Mode-iOS

Need a break?

Whether for medical, vacation or personal reasons, “Vacation Mode” allows you to place your account with WeGoLook on a temporary hold. When you’re available to start receiving Look notifications again, you can remove the hold within your WGL App!


In the WeGoLook mobile App, click the drop-down menu in the top, left corner. It should appear as 3 lines.




Select ‘Account’



Select the ‘Settings’ icon, reflected with a gear symbol



“Vacation Mode” is off if the slider is gray and defaulted to the left side.


Click on the slider to turn “Vacation Mode” on and the slider will turn blue and move to the right side. 



You will not receive Look notifications while the “Vacation Mode” is active and turned on.


To turn “Vacation Mode” off and begin receiving Look notifications, visit the ‘Settings’ section of your app and click the slider to make it gray again.

When the slider is gray and moved to the left, you have successfully taken your account off of “Vacation Mode.” 


*There is no penalty or impact to your Looker account or status by utilizing this feature. There is no time-frame for how long your account can remain in “Vacation Mode.” 

*This does not remove your account from any of our systems. To be permanently deactivated, please reach out to our Community team at:*

*Please be advised that vacation requests will not be initiated until Midnight Central Standard Time.*

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