Why is WGL reaching out to me for updates on my Looks? Can I do something to prevent them?

Yes, you can! The best ways to prevent WGL from reaching out for updates are to:

1. Inform WGL of all scheduling activity via the WGL mobile app. Doing so keeps WGL and our client aware of your progress, and it sets the timing expectation for delivery.

         a) Enter all schedule attempts made.

         b) Enter the schedule date & time.

         c) Enter reschedule date & time with associated reason for rescheduling.

2. Schedule prior to the due date and enter the schedule date & time in the WGL App.

3. Complete and submit your Look on the date scheduled.

There are 3 different scheduling scenarios:

  1. Onsite Contact Schedule Required - Please call the onsite contact immediately upon claiming a Look to schedule an inspection.
  2. No Contact - There is no one to contact to schedule – After claiming the Look, please immediately schedule the date & time, in the WGL App, that you plan to complete the Look (prior to the due date).
  3. Pre-scheduled date & time - This date & time has already been coordinated with the onsite contact by our client. If a Look is prescheduled, that date & time is presented in the WGL app. in the available Looks screen as a condition of claiming the Look. Please do not reschedule!


Q: Why do I need to add a schedule date & time in the WGL App if my Look is a “No contact” Look?

A: Entering the schedule date & time lets WGL and our Client know when to expect completion.

Q: What if the onsite contact doesn’t answer my call immediately?

A: Please leave a message and try again up to twice a day for 2 days if you don’t receive a return call. Be sure to enter all contact attempts in the WGL App! If no response after 2 days, please contact WGL.

Click to Log schedule attempt:


Enter the appropriate reason and follow the prompts:


Q: What if bad weather prevents me from making my original scheduled date & time?

A: Please reschedule and update the WGL App accordingly.


Q: What if the Onsite Contact needs to schedule beyond the due date?

A: Please schedule and be sure to indicate the late schedule was due to the Onsite Contact in the mobile app (see picture below).


Q: How do I handle onsite contact scheduling challenges, such as language barrier, refusal to schedule, etc.?

A: Please navigate to the schedule attempt section in the Look on the WGL App and follow the prompts to explain what is happening.  This is the best way to notify WGL.

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