Why Am I Receiving a Follow-Up Contact From WGL? How Do I Avoid Them In The Future?

Why am I receiving this message?

Below are a few reasons you may have received this message and tips for avoiding them in the future.

Please note: You may be receiving this message in regards to one or more Looks you are currently assigned to and for one or more of the following reasons:

Unscheduled Look(s):

We ask that all claimed Looks be scheduled through the mobile app.  After you've reached out to the On-Site Contact and agreed on a date and time that suits both of your schedules, you can officially let WeGoLook know. You will do this by selecting the “Schedule Now” button in the top left of your Look within the mobile app.


If you are assigned to a Look that does not require contact, such as a Door Hanger, Notice Drop-Off, Residential Occupancy Verification, etc., you are still required to schedule a date and time within the app informing us of when you plan to complete the Look. This allows you to effortlessly communicate with the WeGoLook Team so that we can keep our Clients in the loop about the progress of their Looks.


Overdue Look(s):

Completing Looks on time is very important. You can view the due date of a Look from the summary page or from the Look details. (pictured below) This due date is the date you agreed to complete this Look by.

You’ll need to pay special attention to this date as you risk being unassigned from the Look if it has not been completed by the due date.

Being unscheduled for such reasons has the potential to lower your probability of being assigned to Looks in the future.

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Look(s) Scheduled Past Due Date:

If you’ve scheduled your Look past the required Due Date, you will be contacted by our team. We do understand that sometimes this can’t be avoided if an On-Site Contact can only meet past the original due date. We ask that when this is necessary, Lookers communicate through the mobile app so that we know the reason for the extended date.




For example: If you have reached out to the On-Site Contact and their only availability is past the due date, this is absolutely something we can work with and would be happy to extend that due date to accommodate. However, if you accept a Look, and find that your schedule is full and you cannot make time for your Look until next week: This would be an unacceptable reason for scheduling past the Look due date, and you may need to be unassigned from your Look so that it can be taken care of by another Looker within a timely manner.


Appointment Has Expired:

This occurs if you’ve scheduled a Look and our team has not received the completed report by the end of the scheduling date/time. Please be sure that you’ve communicated with the WeGoLook Team to notify them of any changes in scheduling so that the On-Site Contact and Client are both aware of what is happening and a new Looker can be sourced if needed. 




If you have any questions you'd like addressed, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@wegolook.com

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