Procedure for being unassigned from a Look

If you accept a Look, but later become unavailable, you MUST notify WeGoLook as soon as possible. This is very important even if you haven't yet reached out to the contact to schedule. 

WeGoLook takes great pride in delivering a service that is fast and reliable. To deliver this quality to our customers every time we MUST be aware of any setbacks so that we can find another Looker to complete these Looks as soon as possible. 

Being unresponsive may now drastically decrease your chances of receiving available work. Please be sure if you are no longer able to complete a Look you’re assigned to, you’re communicating with WeGoLook to let us know as soon as possible.

If you are unassigned from a Look due to unresponsiveness, Lookers further away, that have displayed a history of reliability, will receive the opportunity to claim the Look before it is offered to any Lookers nearby who have been unassigned from previous Looks due to unresponsiveness.  This could greatly limit the Looks that are available to you if you have a history of unresponsiveness and lack of communication. Reaching out to WeGoLook to inform us of unavailability after being assigned to a Look can drastically decrease or even clear these penalties from your record. 

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    Norma Loth

    Regarding being unassigned due to unresponsiveness, 90% of the orders sent to my email are more than 2 hours away, and another 5% are located in another state 3-4 hours away - so when there is only 2 orders, at most, per week, within 50 miles, and they’re in opposite directions, it is not cost effective to accept those orders. So, please do not send any more orders to

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    Kimberly Lehmann

    I am a stay at home mom.. I pick up things when I can but my availability changes seasonally. I am not free in the summer but can do more during the school year. Do you expect to penalize me (or those like me) who might turn down jobs due to fluctuations in availability? Or are you only penalizing those who accept then reject as opposed to those who never seem to accept anything?