Getting Started with Drones

There are a few things you’ll need before flying with the WeGoLook drone team.


  1. Part 107 Drone License

The FAA requires that if a drone is going to be used for any commercial purposes, the pilot must be licensed. To be become licensed, you will need to pass a 60 multiple choice exam by obtaining at least a 70%. This exam cost $150 and must be taken at an FAA testing facility. To find a facility near you, click here. We suggest spending a minimum of 7 hours of focused studying before taking the exam. There are many great study guides online for free.


  1. A Drone

We’ve found that DJI Drones are a good value while being compatible with third-party software. In particular, we’d recommend a drone issued within the last three years in the Phantom, Mavic, and Inspire series. While this comes with additional risk, many members of our Drone Team have purchased used drones to save a few hundred dollars.


  1. Liability Insurance

It is required to have liability insurance before flying for your Look. Some pilots have purchased annual policies, but most use on-demand insurance through Verifly.

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    Thomas Foley

    DJI PHANTOM 1449.00
    What does a drone look pay ?

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    Donald Reese

    Why are you recruiting drone pilots when it doesn't appear any missions are being provided?