Submitting W-9 Information Via the App

The IRS requires independent contractors (Lookers), to file their earnings if they have received more than $600 from a business (WeGoLook) within a calendar year. When this occurs, the independent contractor (Looker) is required, to fill out a W-9. In turn, you will be provided with a 1099-MISC.

The screenshots below will show you how to get started with your W-9.


1) Start by clicking the menu (3 bars) located in the top left corner.



2) Select Account


3) Select the Pay & Tax icon


4) Select the Tax Form link


5) Start by filling out the first page of questions and clicking the Next button.


Once you click the Next button, the next screen will be customized to the information we still need from you. 


If all information is entered correctly, check the box and click Submit.

You will see this information is Saved.


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