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We are excited to announce our new Inspector Rating mobile app enhancement!  It is designed to let you know how you are doing in regards to completing Inspections that are claimed, and can be found under the "Inspector Rating" section of your mobile app menu.


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The Inspector Rating system is used to determine an Inspector’s Rate of Completion relating to two major data pieces; Inspections Claimed and Inspections Completed.  The purpose of the rating is to promote completion of what is claimed.  Each time a new rating is calculated, a dot will be placed on the graph indicating the Inspector's score at the time of the calculation and either an increase or decrease in the Inspector Rating.  
Inspections Claimed: The total number of Inspections claimed or assigned to the Inspector regardless of the outcome. 
Inspections Completed: The total number of Inspections completed. 


Purpose: The rate of completion gives us a clear data point for the Inspector’s habits of unassignments, including unresponsiveness, appointment no-shows, no longer interested, and other undesirable outcomes DUE TO the Inspector


Example:        Inspections Completed ÷ Inspections Claimed = Rate of Completion (ROC) 
1 - 5 Inspections Completed ÷ 10 Inspections Claimed = 50% ROC 
Inspectors with a consistent low score will have their account limited or blocked from claiming future Inspections. The following scale is used to make that determination:  
80% or Higher may result in higher priority of work solicitations  
Consistently Under 80% can result in removal from our network  
Exceptions and Clarifications: 
Inspectors can request to be Unassigned from Inspections at their own discretion; however, this creates adverse effects on our Due Dates and Client service deliverables. We want to discourage the habit of claiming Inspections that are not intended to be complete.  
Unassignment reasons such as "Unresponsive" and "appointment no-shows", cause more substantial adverse effects, and as such, are of higher impact against an Inspector’s Rating.  
Inspections that are removed from the Inspector or cancelled DUE TO WeGoLook, the On-site Contact, or the Client will NOT affect the Inspector’s Rating.  

*A rating will only be calculated when enough Inspection data is available.

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