Looker Dress Code Requirements


 'Look' Professional

As an independent contractor for WeGoLook, it is imperative that you understand the image you set forth as an in-person representative for the company. While we recognize and respect your right to dress to your liking, we also need to ensure that the image you convey is one of professionalism.

*Please note that your badge photo must appear professional as well as your photo verification, which is designed to demonstrate that you are dressed appropriately while performing a Look.

As stated in the Looker Agreement, the following are a few guidelines you may reference to ensure compliance with the dress code:


  • No inappropriate slogans, pictures, symbols, etc.
  • No visible hardware in body or tongue piercings, with the exception of ear piercings.


  • No t-shirts
  • No tank tops
  • No pajamas
  • No bare midriff
  • No sleeveless shirts on men
  • No inappropriate slogans, pictures, symbols, etc.


  • No shorts
  • No pajamas
  • No excessively short garments
  • No extremely baggy or sagging pants
  • No inappropriate slogans, pictures, symbols, etc.
  • No torn pants or jeans that reveal any skin or  undergarments


  • No hats worn backwards or sideways
  • No skull caps, stocking caps, do-rags, etc.
  • No inappropriate slogans, pictures, symbols, etc.

*Our Looker Support professionals are here to serve you seven days a week. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Looker Support at 405-512-5395 or lookersupport@wegolook.com.

We appreciate your work and 'look' forward to maintaining a long-lasting working relationship!

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