Looker Dress Code



As an independent contractor for WeGoLook, it is imperative that you understand the image you set forth as an in-person representative for the company.  


 Per the Looker Agreement Section 4.5:

 • No inappropriate slogans or pictures

 • No hardware in pierced tongue or other visible body parts ( other than conservative ear piercing)

• No torn pants or jeans that reveal any skin or undergarments
• No excessively short garments
• No t-shirts
• No sagging pants
• No bare midriff
• No tank tops
• Skirts must be at a length appropriate in a professional workplace
• No extremely baggy pants
• No pajama bottoms or tops
• No shorts
• No sleeveless shirts on men
• Shoes must be worn at all times
• No house shoes
• No sandals
• No skull caps, stocking caps, du-rags, etc.
• No hats worn backwards or sideways

Failure to adhere to these requirements may result in the work being
reassigned and the Contractor being denied further assignments. Provided
that the Contractor does not violate the foregoing Dress Code, it us
understood by the parties to this Agreement that Contractor will provide their
own clothing and make their own decisions regarding attire to be worn while
performing assignments for WGL.


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    As an independent contractor, you are not obligated to follow any dress code...I am simply specifiying this and you may want to think long and hard before implementing this...you should know companies have been sued for these kind of things...You can employ if you choose in which case you are required to follow labor laws..If you choose to avoid labor laws (I.E employee benefits, hourly wages, etc) by hiring independent contractors you can not impose any dress code on them as that would make them employees...Just know this and think long and hard, I'm certain your law team will verify what I say is accurate.

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    Sherri Lee

    I feel it's appropriate attire for an independent contractor, that is working in warm climate, on a Look that requires auto inspections, scene inspections, and any other type of Looks that are done outside, to wear knee length shorts, and even tops without sleeves, as long as it's done in good taste. A person can dress in this type of attire, while still looking very presentable and still represent Wegolook in a positive manner. I live in Florida, and during the summer months, it can be very hot and humid while trying to work outside, and being dressed appropriately for that kind of weather, is very important to a person's health. I feel that if it should be left up to the Looker to choose their attire, and as long as there are no reports of inappropriate dress from a client, then a Looker shouldn't be subject to being let go for dressing in clothes that are comfortable, and according to the weather in their area.

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    Heather Taylor

    I agree with all required clothing

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    Michelle Cesare

    It's refreshing to learn a company expects people to follow a specific conservative basic dress code. Also, I appreciate the no visible hardware in body or tongue piercings, with the exception of ear piercings.

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    Virginia Rodriguez

    I agree to look professional.

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    Lorraine Thomas

    I agree to look professional, as I not only represent my self but as a professional.