Setting Up Payment Options

We know your favorite part about Looking is money.

Now you can receive your payment faster through ACH Direct Deposit--it just takes 2 minutes to sign up.

Have your bank's routing and account number (located at the bottom of your check) handy when signing up.

*There are no fees associated with WeGoLook's ACH Direct Deposit payments. Other payment processing fees may apply for PayPal or check processing.

You can now update direct deposit through your App!



 In the WeGoLook mobile App, click the drop-down menu in the top, left corner. It should appear as 3 lines.



Select 'Account'

Select the 'Pay & Tax' icon, which should be reflected with a $.


Select 'PayPal'



From here you can choose your preferred method of payment: Direct Deposit, or PayPal. 



Enter Your Checking Account Information 

**If you choose direct deposit, your screen will prompt you to enter your account details. Enter the information to the account you want your payments to be delivered to and select "Save". 




Please note: At this time, Direct Deposit is only available for US lookers. 

Lookers in CA, UK & AU can receive payments via PayPal. Since this is currently our only option for our international lookers, standard PayPal fees of $1.50 per payment have been waived.  

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  • Avatar
    Barbara M Olsen

    From computer not able to set up DD after signing in. I see the DD screen but nothing to click on to enter my DD info. Curser does not change to a clickable link - profile, payment method or payment method direct deposit highlighted in blue on the page.

  • Avatar
    Mary Carolyn Henderson

    I cannot find Profile on the App SO I can't go any further in trying to set up a Direct Deposit for payments. Please help!