Experience the Benefits of Being a Pro

Now that you've gained a bit of experience as a Looker, it's only natural that you want to learn more about how you can become a Pro! The following are only a few of the many benefits of being a Pro Looker:

  • As a Pro Looker, you'll automatically be given priority status when it comes to receiving Look notifications as they come available in your area. Essentially, this means that you'll get a little head start on regular Lookers due to knowing that a Look is available in your area before other Lookers.
  • As a Pro Looker, your proven track record of quality and reliability may be utilized when we need an experienced Looker to complete Looks for some of our enterprise clients. This means that, depending on your local area, you may have an opportunity to claim new Looks that were not previously available. 


Please note that as the Pro Team continues to grow, we expect to add additional benefits and incentives for completing work as a Pro Looker for WeGoLook in the coming months.

For more information on how you can become a Pro Looker, please click here.

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    Michael Aguailar

    Cool beans

  • Avatar
    Scott Boegel

    May want to elaborate on qualifications to achieve "Pro Team" Status, other that an individual giving $15.00 for an extensive background check? Please DEFINE the term "Priority Look assignment" Not being sarcastic however this area of interest needs to be a little more definitive. Thanks

  • Avatar
    Sharron Babb

    How can I be part of the look Team

  • Avatar
    Leah Jonas

    I would love to be on the pro team

  • Avatar
    Jacob G

    If you are interested in joining the Pro Looker team, please send an email to community@wegolook.com to express your interest and we will reach out to you with further details.

    Edited by Jacob G
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    Greg Landers

    Your a great company, your staff is always friendly & courteous to me. I love your app too, it makes assignments much more easier and convenient to perform. I sent an email to the address above, (⬆️) in regards to being a Pro Looker. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you very much.

  • Avatar
    Jason Stoker

    I was just accepted to the Pro-Looker team and I'm excited about my new possibilities and can't wait ti see what the additional benefits will be.

  • Avatar
    Adam R Navarro

    How far back does the check go? and why is my photo sideways? lol