Looker Payment Types, Dates, and Fees

Payments are processed once per week for assignments completed and approved by WeGoLook Quality Assurance during the previous week. Typically, any Look completed between Sunday and Saturday is paid out on the following Friday. In some cases, it may take up to two weeks to receive payment depending on the day a Look was completed and reviewed by WeGoLook Quality Assurance and the payment method selected below. 

Please note: Although most payments are usually issued within two weeks of a Look's completion, in rare circumstances it may take up to 30 days.


Payment Method Transit Time Fees Currency Details

Direct Deposit (ACH)* (US only)

1-2 Business Days** FREE USD

May take up to 5 days to reflect the change.

Set up Now

PayPal (US) 3-4 hours** $1.50 Various Must provide valid PayPal email address. 
PayPal (UK, CA, AU) 3-4 hours** FREE   Various

Must provide valid PayPal email address. 



 (Grandfathered     Lookers only)

Up to 10 Business Days** $3.00 USD Mailed from Oklahoma. (US only)

**Estimated Transit Time is from the date payments are processed.

 Keep in mind, if you complete a Look on Wednesday of Week 1, payment for that Look will be processed on Thursday of Week 2.  The stated transit time by payment method is the number of days/hours to receive payment from the date payments are processed.


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  • Avatar
    Chad Moldthan

    What day are payments proccessed

  • Avatar
    Jacob G

    Payment is currently processed on Friday for any Looks complete the calendar week before. You should receive an email on Thursday if you have any upcoming payments for the week.

  • Avatar
    Jason Connelly

    Are there any plans to add a feature where we can see our job history and maybe a pay status?

  • Avatar
    Jacob G

    @Jason, At this point in time, we currently do not have a history section for looks completed within the app. The history section within the online dashboard is for looks completed outside of the app. We will be offering a history section for all Lookers in a future app update. In the meantime, you are welcome to keep a log of your looks or request your look history when needed. Thank you and have a great day.

  • Avatar
    Michael Woods

    I have done 2 looks last month and received 2 emails saying i would be paid for it, have not received payment thru paypal yet, then i did another 3 last 2 weeks and still not received anything emauls or payments.