Step-by-Step Instructions For Using the Android App

Step 1: Download the app.

Step 2: Open the app.

Step 3: Sign In to the app.

  • Enter the email address and password for your WeGoLook account to sign in.
  • If you forget your password, click Forgot Password and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your password. 


Step 4: Permissions

In order for the app to function properly, you will be asked to enable your location, camera, and microphone permissions. Take the time to do this now by selecting Allow Access to ensure your app is ready to go when completing your first Look.



Step 5: Sign WeGoLook Independent Contractor Agreement (“Looker Agreement”)
Read the agreement, and when you reach the end select Accept.


Step 6: Menu items

Access the Your Looks, Available Looks, Account and Support sections by clicking the  menu at the top left.

1. The Your Looks Dashboard has the following tabs:

  • All
  • Unscheduled
  • Past Due
  • Scheduled
  • On Hold

The All Tab - Displays all Looks that are assigned to you.

  • If a Look has NOT been scheduled, you will see a blue Schedule Now
  • If a Look has been scheduled, you will see a green Scheduled
  • If a Look is past due, you will see a yellow Past Due.
  • If a Look is declined, you will see a red Declined.

To Refresh the Your Looks Dashboard, pull down on the screen until you see the spinning wheel.


2. The Available Tab - Displays Looks that are available to claim.

  • Basic information for Looks is displayed here.


  • If you click on an available Look, you will see detailed information.
  • To Accept (click Accept Look in lower right corner) or Decline (click Decline in lower left corner) the Look, make your choice after reviewing the fee, map radius, due date, etc.


When you select Accept Look, you receive a confirmation message.

3. The Account Section - Update your account with the following:

  • Payment - Update your information for payment.
  • Profile - Ensure your contact information and photo are current.
  • Add License - Add your notary license to increase Look opportunities.
  • Add Skill - Keep us up-to-date on your skills and certifications.
  • Add Language - Add extra languages you speak for specialized Looks.
  • Add Insurance - Easily provide your auto insurance information.
  • Settings - Easily view the settings for the app.
  • Add Tool - Add your tools to help qualify you for specialized Looks.
  • Logout - Only logout of the app if you no longer wish to receive Looks.


Step 7: Look Overview

The Look Overview displays information pertaining to the selected Look and allows you to schedule the Look.

  • Job Number - This number is unique to each Look.
  • Location -Location you will go to in order to complete the Look.
  • Due - This is the date by which your Look must be completed.
  • Looker Instructions - These are the very specific instructions as to how the Look must be performed.  ***Important! Review instructions closely.

  • Click Schedule Now to call on-site contact, view the call script, enter schedule time for Look or give a reason for unable to schedule.
  • Call on-site contact (if applicable) and Enter Date & Time or select Unable to Schedule.

  • If you click on the Call Script, use this when speaking with the on-site contact.

  • If you click Unable to Schedule, choose a reason. 

  • If you click Schedule Look, set the date and time of the Look.


Click Schedule and you will receive a confirmation message.


Step 8: Performing a Look 

Click Start Look to begin the Look.

  • Questions - Be certain to answer the questions and be as thorough as possible noting any damage or on-site observations. Any questions that have the red REQUIRED badge MUST be answered. 
  • Use the blue arrows (< >) to move through the questions.


  • Click Scan to scan the VIN barcode.

  • Align the camera to get a close-up of the barcode or QR code to scan

Taking photos - To snap a picture, click the circle shutter button at the bottom. Please hold your camera steady and zoom into the subject for optimal photos. 

  • The photo guide will assist you by giving an example of what is needed; click CLOSE to close the guide.

  • If it is not a good quality image, select Retake. If you are getting hazy photos, try cleaning off your camera lens. Once you get a good quality photo, select Use Photo on the bottom right.


Taking videos - Some Looks will require you to record a video. Click the circle shutter button to capture the video. Please hold your camera steady and zoom into the subject for optimal video.

In this example, the video is 30-35 seconds in length. The green section on the circle shutter button reflects the ~5 seconds of optional video you may or may not use. You will see the progress of the video from the white line progressing around the circle shutter button.

Click the square STOP icon when you are finished recording. The video will refresh with a play button. Play the video for quality assurance.


Step 9: Submit Look

  • You can review any questions/photos in the app by going to the Questions Dashboard inside the Look.
  • Make sure there are no red Xs before you submit. 

  • When you have added all photos and answered all questions press Submit at the top of the Look Overview. NOTE: Once you select Submit you will not be able to make any changes or add additional information.

    Select OK if you are ready to submit the Look.

The app will show you the progress as it submits the report.



When you see the Success message, you know that your order has been submitted to WeGoLook for review.

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