I am thinking about bidding on an expensive item on eBay or another auction site but I am concerned about Internet fraud. How can the WeGoLook service help me?

You are not alone.  Many prospective bidders share your concern about misrepresented or even non-existent goods being offered for sale. Buyers of expensive items have even better reason to be concerned. 

WeGoLook will send a Looker to look at the item for you.   Your Looker will arrange to meet with the seller, confirm that the item does exist, take a few digital pictures, gather some basic information about the item (brand, model number, serial number, manufacturer, VIN number, etc.), and report back to you. 

The WeGoLook service can give you the ability to make better-informed decisions about your online activity, allowing you to bid and purchase with more confidence.  Your Looker is your set of independent, unbiased eyes.

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