Handling Issues with the Onsite Contact

As a Looker, there will be occasions when an onsite contact is uncomfortable allowing you to perform an inspection at their home or place of business. That’s why we’ve put together a contingency plan for each of the following circumstances should they arise:

Problem: Onsite contact does not want you at their home or place of business, but is willing to meet you at another location. (Please note: If the onsite contact simply says they don’t want you there, but does not offer another option, you may suggest that they can meet you at a neutral location.)

Solution: Obtain the address for the new location and contact Looker Support to advise of the address change.


Problem: Difficulty reaching the onsite contact

Solution: Please make your first attempt to reach out to the onsite contact within 2 hours of accepting a Look. Continue your attempts for a total of three days, calling once in the morning and once in the afternoon/evening each day. Document each attempt to reach the contact in the WeGoLook mobile App.

*If after three days of attempting to reach out to the onsite contact you remain unable to schedule an appointment, please contact Looker Support.


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