Accessing Private Property

Be Respectful. Stay Safe!

When it comes to performing Looks that require you to access private property, it's important to protect yourself from harm and be respectful of another's private property. Typically, standard protocol is as follows:

  • You MUST have the consent of the property owner and/or another person with legal possession of the property before entering, otherwise, it is considered trespassing and can lead to financial penalties or worse.
  • Unless a Look specifically requires you to enter private property, you should complete the inspection on public property.

(An example of this is when a Look requires you to travel to a specific address to inspect and photograph a house, building, etc., but the Look details do not require you to reach out to an onsite contact. In cases such as these, you should complete the assignment from the sidewalk, street, or another spot considered open-to-the-public.)

In the event that you are given permission to access the property, you must document and include in your report the following:

  1. When you were given permission to access the property.
  2. By whom you were given access and/or authorization to access the property.


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