Working Demonstrations

As a Looker, you may claim assignments that require a working demonstration of an item, such as a vehicle, to verify whether the item is in basic working order. That's why we've put together the below information as ‘standard protocol’ for how and by whom working demonstrations should be performed.

  • You MUST ask the person showing you the item to briefly demonstrate its basic working order.
  • Unless the Look specifies otherwise, it is not necessary to inspect or report on every single function of the item. (Please note that we are only looking for the most basic functioning of the item.)
  • Our clients understand that you are not an expert on the mechanical or electrical functioning of the items you inspect, which is why you will not perform any tests. (For example, when inspecting a vehicle, you may ask the person showing you the item to start the engine, check to ensure that the electrical options work, etc.)

Please note the following:

  • Lookers NEVER test drive a vehicle or ride along as a passenger during a test drive.
  • Lookers NEVER perform the working demonstration; this should only be done by the seller, onsite contact, etc.
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