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Watch these videos, then review the content below to familiarize yourself with the process of completing Looks.




Resources (FAQs & Help Articles)


In the App, click the three lines in top corner, then click Support.Here you'll find information regarding all different parts of WeGoLook. You'll see a variety of topics, such as:

  • Utilizing the WeGoLook Mobile App
  • Basic Guidelines for Successful 'Looking'
  • Photo Guides & Instructions
  • FAQs
  • Important Financial Matters
  • Best Practices
  • Frequently Used Terms

Under each topic is a range of articles with specific information regarding each topic.



Photo Guides & Instructions

The "Photo Guides & Instructions" section is possibly the single-most useful section each Looker should visit before completing Looks. Not only will you find detailed instructions for each Look type, but you'll also find examples of what our clients expect from us in regards to quality photos.




In the FAQs, you'll find answers to many of the most common questions Lookers have in regards to completing Looks.

You can use the search feature to quickly find the answers you need.

Utilizing the Mobile App

When you click on "Utilizing the Mobile App," you'll find a variety of articles and tutorials with detailed information and instructions for the following:

  • Updating the App on Both iOS and Android Devices
  • Submitting Your Payment Preferences
  • Updating Notary and/or other Licenses in Your Profile
  • Creating & Accessing Your Electronic ID/Badge
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Using the App in Both iOS and Android

You'll also find a variety of articles on other topics ranging from instructions on how to enable push notifications to submitting receipts for reimbursement.

All of this can also be found at support.wegolook.com




Resources (Looker Support)

We always want to help if you have any questions that come about. There are a couple of options always available for Lookers: the WeGoLook mobile app or by visiting support.wegolook.com.

You can also email us at lookersupport@wegolook.com or call our dedicated Looker Support Team at 1-855-947-1804 if you don't find the answer you are looking for in the app or online.


Completing Looks

You are required to reach out to the onsite contact within 4-hours of claiming a Look (if it is not prescheduled, or the Look doesn't have an On-site Contact) and document the outcome in the mobile app. If they do not answer, let us know that too.

If you do not schedule and document your Looks properly in the app your account will be suspended from claiming Looks.

We always suggest you tap the "Start Look" tab once you have accepted a Look. By doing so, it will be temporarily stored on your device until you have submitted the Look upon completion. This means that even if you don't have a signal when you arrive on site, you can complete the Look then simply submit it once you are in an area with signal or wi-fi.


Remember to show your badge to the onsite contact once you arrive. You can pull up your WeGoLook Badge by opening the Look from your dashboard, and then tapping on the "badge" icon at the top.

Lookers are prohibited from asking the onsite contact for assistance in taking photos. If a Look requires you to take a selfie, utilize the front-facing camera.


If you come to a photo that you are not sure how to take, we have a solution for you. In the Top right corner you will find a small icon, tap it and you will see our "Tool Tip," which provides an example photo and description to ensure you are taking the picture correctly each time.

In this example, the client is looking for a driver's side rear tire photo. You will notice that the client requested a straight on view of the tire rather than from above.


Bumper Measurement photos are often used when assessing damage to a vehicle.

Regardless of the point of impact, bumper measurement photos MUST include measurements of the front and rear bumper.

For best results, a yardstick is used to get the most accurate measurements while also capturing a clear view of the exact measurement in the photos.


With accurate Tire Tread Depth Measurements, we can help our client determine the current condition of a vehicle's tires.

For best results, these measurements should be taken from the center of the tire. Tire tread depth gauges, like the one pictured above, can be purchased at many retail stores for less than $5.


Scene Inspections

Scene Inspections are performed to verify the scene of an accident. Our clients use these photos to help gain a clear understanding of the specific location of an accident as well as a better understanding of the surrounding areas. Since most of these types ask for photos facing specific directions, it is very helpful to have a compass app on your phone.


As seen above: Photos are never to be taken from the inside of a vehicle. Photos taken in a moving vehicle or behind glass are blurry and unfocused and therefore unusable to our clients.

You will be asked to retake any photo taken in this manner, or you may forfeit reimbursement for the Look.


Residential Photos

It can be challenging to capture residential interior photos, but follow these simple tips, and you will do great!

  • Take photos in landscape to capture a larger portion of the room.
  • Stand in the corner of the room or the doorway to get a better angle for photos.
  • Turn on multiple lights, if available, to ensure there is ample lighting for the photo.


Typically, additional photo slots labeled "Extra 1" to "Extra 5" are located within the app toward the end of your Look. Extra photos may be necessary for a number of reasons. If the vehicle has parts that have been removed for repair, you can use the "Extra" photos at the end of the Look to document the additional parts.


If there is rain, snow, or other weather-related conditions that prevent you from completing a Look, just update the Look in the app with this information so that we can update our client.


Looker Agreement & Conditions

If you need the Looker Agreement

you can always access the latest version by scrolling to the bottom of any page at www.wegolook.com and selecting "Looker Agreement." It is also in the Support Articles.

Looker safety is very important to us.

If there is a Look that for any reason you do not feel comfortable completing, please reach out to Looker Support before the due date and we will unassign you.


We have a strict no ride-along policy.

This includes children and pets.

If you wish to bring someone with you while performing Looks, the individual must also apply and be approved as a Looker.



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