Door Hanger Look Instructions

This Look involves delivering a document/notice to the door of a property owner. The document will be provided to you electronically in the email when you are assigned the Look. You will need print and place in an envelope prior to traveling onsite. This Look DOES NOT require successful contact while onsite, but an attempt should be made.

  1. Print attached documents, review pages 1 and 2 for instructions.
  2. Place all additional pages of the printed document (pages 3 and 4) in an envelope. Notification Letter must be SEALED using a SECURITY WHITE ENVELOPE (non-transparent) marked CONFIDENTIAL FOR: customer and/or co-signers name. Use BLUE or BLACK INK ONLY to write on envelope. DO NOT USE RED INK
  3. Travel to address listed on Look, and attempt to deliver the document in person. If a No Trespassing sign is posted at the property, DO NOT ENTER the property.
  4. If there is no contact made, tape the notice to the front door and take a photo of the taped envelope. DO NOT place envelope in mailbox. DO leave the contact letter on the exterior of the mailbox at the roadway, entrance gate or post when applicable. The letter may also be left to the exterior of the mailbox or gate of a secured single family residence.
  5. Capture photos validating the address and property of the delivery location. Do not take photos of the onsite contact or anybody else.
  6. A photo of the vehicle w/ license plate visible may be requested, if not present, take picture of driveway
  7. Should an address not exist, or should you go to an address and you do not have an apartment number, lot number, room number, or they are unable to access the property for whatever reason, please photograph the location and state the results in the description. The same will apply if the person no longer resides at the address.
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