Looker Agreement Compliance and Grounds for Removal

At WeGoLook, providing a high level of customer service and professionalism to our customers is our top priority. In fact, our Looker community is known for it and we take pride in that.

As a Looker, it's important that you follow our guidelines, as detailed in the Looker Agreement, regarding proper dress and behavior while on site to perform a Look. It's also important for you to understand that any of the following actions are grounds for immediate removal from the WeGoLook community.

  • Smoking while on site to perform a Look (Section 3.1)
  • Bringing a non-Looker to a Look site (spouse, child, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.)
    • Exception: We do welcome teams of approved Lookers.
  • Wearing clothing with political statements, improper language, or inappropriate pictures.
    • For more information on our dress requirements, please see the article entitled Looker Recommended Dress (Section 4.5)
  • Arriving late to scheduled appointments (Sections 4 & 9)

Please take a moment to read the following excerpts from the WeGoLook Looker Agreement.

In rare circumstances, WeGoLook will provide written consent for a Looker to bring another person. If this person is over the age of 18, they will need to be registered as a Looker. Unfortunately, those under the age of 18 are not permitted to be on site. (e.g. A Looker can't perform an inspection in a professional manner while also supervising a minor.)

Looker Agreement section 3.1: During the course of performing a WGL assignment, Contractor is expected to adhere to industry service and professional standards, including dressing and grooming him or herself in a manner that conveys professionalism and by practicing good personal hygiene.

Looker Agreement Sections 4 and 9: Contractor understands that time is of the essence in all assignments and that a WGL customer is relying upon Contractor to perform the assignment in a timely manner, accurately, and completely, and that WGL's customer may be making important decisions based upon Contractor's report.

Looker Agreement section 4.5: During the course of performing an assignment while out in public, whether or not Contractor is meeting with anyone, Contractor agrees to dress in a manner that is appropriate and professional at all times

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