How to test your upload speed

Slow upload speeds are a common cause for a Looker to be unable to submit the Look. 


What the heck does upload speed even mean?

Think of the data being sent as piles of rocks of various sizes that need to be moved to another state. Think of your upload speed as the vehicle you are going to use to move those rocks. Your vehicle type limits the amount and size of rocks you can send. 

Rocks equal the data you are uploading

  • Text is represented by small fist-sized rocks. 
  • A photo is represented by a 20 to 30-pound rock
  • A video is represented by a huge 1000-pound boulder 

Vehicles equal your upload speed

  • A Toyota Corolla represents less than 1Mbps upload speed
  • A Ford Ranger pickup represents around 3 Mbps upload speed
  • A Semi Truck represents around 10 Mbps upload speed

You can carry a lot of small fist-sized rocks in a Corolla. You can probably move 10 times as many with a pickup, and 1000 times as many in a Semi Truck.

You can carry a few 20 to 30-pound rocks in a Corolla. Again,  you can probably carry 10 times as many in a pickup, and 1000 times as many in a Semi Truck.

If you try to move a 1000 pound boulder in a Corolla the boulder will squish it. You're not going anywhere. A pickup may be able to carry the rock a ways, but it may or may not get the boulder where it needs to go. A Semi Truck will be able to move many 1000-pound boulders but will have a limit to how many will fit in. 



Here is how to test your upload speed:

  • Go to​ on the device you are having difficulties with. 
  • Tap "Upload Test"



  • Tap "Start Upload Speed Test"





  • It will take some time for the to send some fake data and measure how long it takes to send it. 


  • You should get your results. It will say something like- "Up :: 5.3 Mbps"
  • Anything under 1 Mbps is very slow and will cause issues uploading data.  
  • Anything under 4 Mbps may cause issues. Especially with larger files like videos. 
  • There are 1000 kbps in one Mbps. If your results are less than 1000 kbps or less than 1 Mbps (like the screenshot below) then it is likely your problem submitting the Look is slow upload speeds.





  • Below is a good upload speed result. This user shouldn't have issues related to their upload speeds unless they are trying to upload huge files. 



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