Receiving Notifications and Claiming Looks

As a Pro Looker, you may wonder how the Look notifications you receive are different from non-Pro Looker notifications. Below is a brief explanation of how Pro Team and Military members receive notifications for Looks as they come available.

PRO Team Lookers do in fact receive first notification. However, Military Lookers are also included in the first round of notifications before offering the Looker opportunity to other Lookers in the area. For both Pro Team and Military Lookers, this does not mean you will be the very first to be informed of the available Look opportunity, but it does mean that you will be a part of the first group of Lookers notified.

Since Military Lookers receive notifications before other non-Pro Lookers, this will allow them to qualify for the Pro Team faster than everyone else. Once a Military Looker hits the minimum requirements, he or she will receive an invitation by email to join the Pro Team.

Please note: 

Lookers can only claim Looks via the app. You will still receive email notifications of available Looks but will have to go to the app to claim the Look.

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