What Measuring Devices Can I Use?

It's important to capture measurements as accurately as possible, which is why we've put together a quick guide for you to use while out on the job. To take correct measurement photos you must capture the following:

  • A clear view of the rigid tape measure or yardstick with the "0" at one end of the damage. Please note that the "0" must be visible in the photo and show that the measurement numbers run along the entire length of the damage.
  • A clear view, as well as a bit of space around the point of impact. Our clients require an ability to see a clear view of the entire affected area so they can get a good idea of the actual size of damage to the vehicle.


What is an appropriate measuring tool?

There are 2 options.


Lookers may use a rigid tape measure like the one depicted in the photo below.



Or, a standard yardstick with visible numbers and markings for accurate measurement.



The following tools are unacceptable measuring devices as they do not reflect the most accurate measurements possible.


While this is a very professional tape measure it is too flimsy for use on our Looks.




The next two tape measure examples show measuring tools that are too flimsy and can be easily blown in the wind.





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