Tips for Optimal Tape Measure Stability & Using Maps

Quick Tip #1: Tape Measure Stability

You know the feeling - you’re out on site performing a vehicle inspection. You’ve got the perfect shot all lined up and ready to go, and then… your tape measure collapses the second before you snap your pic! Sound familiar? Not to worry. If you’re ready to get the perfect shot, check out this new tip on how you can hold your tape measure in place to almost guarantee an accurate measurement the first time, every time.


                    IMG_9835.JPG                         IMG_9834.JPG


Quick Tip #2: Make More of Maps

So, you’ve accepted a Look and you’re ready to head out when you realize the map you’re using is leading you in the wrong direction. Not a problem! Did you know the WeGoLook mobile app uses your default mapping system to show you exactly where to go once you set out to complete your Look? If you’re constantly struggling to find the best way to get to your Look locations, try downloading a different mapping program on your mobile device!


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