Latest WeGoLook App Update

Check out what's new with the latest app release:

Release Notes for iOS 3.2

  • Fixed a bug where some phone numbers in the Look Overview could not be called
  • Fixed a bug that caused the badge to display incorrectly
  • View attached photos: You can now view photos associated with a Look from the Look Overview
  • Added warning when upload speeds are slow during submit
  • Delete photos: Now you can delete a photo from a Look
  • Scheduling: The date and time picker has been changed to 15-minute intervals
  • Login: It now lets you know if you've entered an invalid email address
  • Barcode Scanner: Fixed a bug that, when you rotated your phone, caused the scanner screen to look
  • Scheduling: Removed some things that aren't relevant when a Look doesn't have an on-site contact
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Release Notes for Android 3.2

  • View photos that were provided by the client in app
    • Photos, not pdfs or documents
    • Technically speaking this is anything that is client type photo and looker type photo-display with an information relationship
  • The schedule time input is now in 15 min intervals
  • The Lookers now have the ability to delete photos
    • This will be nice for any photos taken on accident
    • This doesn't actually delete them on the server, just on the phone so if the photos were from a look that has been re-sent, a Looker can't just go into the Look and destroy all the photos previously taken by another Looker
  • Slow speed warning when uploading photos/videos on the submit screen
  • This warning will show after 10 seconds, if the speed is below 1 Mb/s


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