How to Hold Your Tape Measure in Place with Ease

One way to ensure you capture the best view of your tape measure while out on the job is to use a rubber band to keep your tape measure from bending or folding while taking your photo.

Check out the pictures below to see how you can put this into practice during your next Look!


IMG_9834.JPG                 IMG_9835.JPG


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    David McKown

    I use two different “Yardsticks” and they both hold themselves up and in place. One is ridgid metal (about 2” wide x 36” tall) that easily stands straight up by leaning it on the car or equipment being measured and it is very thin so it nearly stands straight up, I purchased it at a sewing supply store. My second yardstick is 1” square x 36” tall made of plastic & one of wood (I have 2) which it almost stands up by itself. The plastic one came from a propane company to measure gas levels and the wooden one I for at a good hardware store. A few vendors & suppliers still giveaway yardsticks as swag at County Fairs or Home & Garden Shows which is sad because hat means people are not as comcerned with accurate measurements as they used to be.

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    David McKown

    Using one of my stand-alone 36” yardsticks leaned on what the Looker is photographing allows me to take a much better picture than trying to hold a tape measure with one hand and your camera with the other to take the pic. One yardstick is blue with white letting and is very easy to see the measurements in the pics. I also carry a 30’ tape measure in case it is needed.