How to reschedule a Look via the Mobile App

Anytime you need to reschedule a Look appointment, you can easily do this via the WeGoLook mobile app by following the instructions below.

After selecting the Look, please use the following steps to reschedule your appointment.

1. Click the scheduled appointment time in the upper left corner (just under the Look number).



2. Click 'Change Date & Time'.



3. Enter the new date and time, and click "Schedule" as shown below.



4. Select a reason from the list.



5. Fill out the "Explain your reason" section.



6. You will now see a section entitled 'Rescheduled' with your reason for the rescheduled appointment.



*If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to contact us at 405-512-5395 or send an email to Our Looker Support professionals are here to serve you seven days a week!


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