10 Looker Hacks to Help You Achieve Success

Some of our more experienced Lookers have provided us with helpful information that just may help make your ‘Looking’ experience as easy and hassle-free as possible. 'Look' and see what they've told us!

  1. “Always treat your customers with kindness and the returns are greater than the dollar!”
  2. “Be prepared; Have extra clothes for warmth and dryness, extra measuring devices in case of loss or breakage; Be polite and honest.”
  3. “Use the Looker support page on the WeGoLook website.”
  4. “Check your emails often. You never know when WeGoLook or an onsite contact might be trying to contact you about a Look.”
  5. “The customers just sometimes like to tell their story, so just listen and be understanding. It helps the customer enjoy their experience when you’re there.”
  6. “Smile. Be polite and prepared to answer questions about who you are and why you’ve been assigned the Look.”
  7. “A lot of people will think you’re an Insurance Adjuster and want to know when they will get paid, how much, etc. Remember, we are not an insurance company and have no information regarding their claim. Don’t try to predict the outcome of their case or give them false hope.”
  8. “Always read the instructions in the Look details to ensure you’re willing and able to complete it by the due date.”
  9. “Be prepared and take all necessary tools with you (Yardstick, tape measure, pen & paper, car charger for your phone, etc.) every time you go to complete a Look.”
  10. “When you're getting ready to do a Street or Scene Inspection, pull up a map and look at your photo assignments in advance. Sometimes, the mobile app lists the photos in an order that will have you running laps around an intersection.”

Bonus: Did you know that you can nail a wood block to the end of your yard stick to keep it in place while taking photos?



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  • Avatar
    Carri Burger

    The block of wood on the end of your yardstick is an excellent idea😉

  • Avatar
    Jeanette Benjamin

    Thanks, on a windy day it falls over👍

  • Avatar
    John Holder

    Make sure to allow notifications on the wegolook app! Thanks - great info!

  • Avatar
    Veronica Dasher

    All of these are true and helpful

  • Avatar
    Charmaine Brown

    Very helpful!

  • Avatar
    C. Renee' Lindsay

    The block of wood is a lifesaver! Just a word of advice, make sure your yardstick is all the way in your car before closing the door!!!! hehehe

  • Avatar
    Wendy Hazel Decker

    Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing.