Why is this Look so far away?

Currently, looks are offered within a 45-mile geodesic (straight line) radius based upon the distance to the Looker's home address listed in our system. That 45-mile parameter can't be altered nor can the actual driving distance be factored in at this time.

Please keep in mind that anytime the travel distance is beyond your acceptable limitations, you are free to disregard that job or send a request to be unassigned.

Any lack of interest in looks within your travel radius will not impact future looks offered to you. 

*If you need additional information or have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Looker Support at 405-512-5395 or send an email to lookersupport@wegolook.com. Our Looker Support professionals are here to serve you seven days a week. 

We appreciate your work and 'look' forward to maintaining a long-lasting working relationship with you!

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