When you can't see a Look in your app after receiving a notification

Due to the nature of how assignments are claimed by our Lookers, you may occasionally receive a Look notification only to find that when you attempt to view the details in the WeGoLook mobile app, it is no longer there. Typically, this occurs when another Looker has been assigned to the Look between the time you received a notification and the time you attempted to view the Look in the app.

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    Christine Hiebel

    It would be a nice feature to have a message back to the Looker that the Look has already been assigned.

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    Melissa Paige

    Hi, Christine.

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will certainly keep this in mind as we move forward in streamlining processes for our Lookers. As always, we appreciate the work of our Lookers and 'Look' forward to maintaining long-lasting working relationships!

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    Candie olin

    I think if the look is more the 10 miles away it should automatically become at the least $1.00 per mile. That's alot of wear and tear on a vehicle to drive 50+ miles for $12. That doesn't pay for the gas