How long does it take to become a Looker?

The Onboarding process takes about 40 minutes, with the exception of a background check, which can be completed in as little as a couple of hours to as long as a couple of weeks.

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    David Boyd

    looking for work

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    Melissa Paige

    Hello, David.

    If you have not already, simply click the following link to sign up as a Looker!


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    David Boyd

    I am a notary and processer server how do I use these services certified and backscreen by NNA yearly also have perform door knocker services collection etc

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    Racquel Kelley

    So I signed up, what now? Need help

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    Sabine Green

    I signed up several days ago and have not heard anything. What do I do?

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    Shelby Khinoo Metcalf

    I signed up and still haven't heard anything. Did I do something wrong?

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    Tera Haynes

    i signed up a month ago with no feedback or reply