Communication Is Key

One of the single most important things to remember as a Looker for WeGoLook is that you MUST keep us updated as to the status of a Look. For example, each time you make an attempt to reach out to an onsite contact, you should document this within the mobile App. Furthermore, please be sure to respond to any email correspondence, texts or phone calls you receive from us. This is especially important when you receive a request for an update on scheduling or completing a Look.

Please be advised that, if WeGoLook cannot reach you for an update within a reasonable time period and a Look is nearing its due date, we may have no choice but to unassign you from the Look. Not only can this reflect badly on you as a Looker, but it can also be a negative reflection on WeGoLook as a whole.

-Please be sure your voicemail box is set up and able to receive messages. Also, keep in mind that within your signed Looker agreement, you gave consent to be reasonably reachable from 8 am - 9 pm according to your timezone.

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