Do you reimburse me for mileage or expenses?

Certain expenses incurred during the course of a Look can be submitted via the WeGoLook mobile App. Effective 11/23/2016, all qualified expenses must be submitted through the mobile app process outlined below and will not be accepted by email.

Reimbursable expense types within the expense submission module are as follows:

  • Copy Fee
  • Document Pick-Up Fee
  • Packing/Supplies
  • Shipping Insurance 
  • Parking Expenses
  • Shipping (add on)

Please note: All expense submissions are subject to WeGoLook approval.  Some expenses are not allowed or are reimbursed on a pre-approval basis only.  Do not claim assignments that may require a toll and expect reimbursement.  For example, if you live near the San Francisco Bay and there is a Look on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge that would be subject to a toll, do not claim the Look and then ask for or assume additional payment to cover the $15 toll fee for crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.  WeGoLook already has Lookers on the other side of the bridge and will not cover this expense unless there is a unique situation.

For additional questions, please refer to Section 5 of the Looker Agreement, which states that the amount offered for each assignment will be posted on the initial "Claim Order" screen in the Unassigned Orders section of Contractor’s dashboard so that Contractor can see it before actually claiming the order. No mileage or other expenses of any kind whatsoever will be paid or reimbursed to Contractor without the prior written consent of WeGoLook. 

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