Creating and Accessing Your WeGoLook Electronic ID/Badge

Every Looker is required to have a WeGoLook ID/badge when going onsite to conduct a Look. The good news is that creating your badge within the mobile App has never been easier!

Be sure you look professional in the photo used for your badge (and especially, while onsite).

In fact, you may be asked by an onsite contact to verify your credentials by showing your affiliation with WeGoLook. To create your WeGoLook ID badge, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and you’ll have your new badge in no time!

1. Open the app.

2. Go to the menu by selecting the three lines in the upper left corner

3. Select 'Account'

4. Select 'Profile'

5. Select 'Edit' (iOS; upper right corner) or the blue & white pencil icon (Android; lower right corner; shown below)


6. Select 'Edit Photo' under the photo circle

7. Select 'Take new photo' or 'Choose existing photo'

8. Browse to the photo you want (if choosing existing)

9. Move and crop as needed; select 'CROP' when done

10. Your electronic badge is created!


Accessing Your Badge While On-Site

1. Select the current Look

2. Click the shield icon  at the top of the page.


3. After clicking the shield icon, you should see your WeGoLook ID Badge. The badge will display your photo and your name. *Please note that some Looks may also have a client’s logo, with the words “On behalf of”.



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