Rescheduling Looks Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Safety First!

Here at WeGoLook, our top priority is to ensure the utmost safety of our Lookers. While we have due dates and deadlines to meet, we also understand that neither we nor our Lookers can control the weather.

Keeping the well-being of our Lookers in mind, the following are a few standard guidelines we have set to help you determine whether a Look should be rescheduled due to inclement weather:

  • Government offices and/or schools are closed due to the weather conditions.


  • The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning (not a watch) that will be in effect at the Look’s location within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment.


  • There is any other weather condition that is prohibiting you from completing the Look, such as heavy rains or not enough light at the time of inspection.


* Please note that adequate light is necessary to complete most Looks unless otherwise stated in the Look instructions.


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