Let Us Know How You Want to Get Paid

When it comes to getting paid for the work you complete, there are a few minor details you’ll need to take into consideration to ensure you get paid accurately and on time. You’ll also want to be aware of our Looker payment schedule (see below).

If you have not already done so, please update to the newest version of the WeGoLook Mobile App:

How to update iOS

How to update Android


Enter Your Checking Account Information

You can set up direct deposit by doing the following:

*Please note that there are no fees associated with receiving payment via Direct Deposit.

In the WeGoLook mobile App, click the drop-down menu in the top, left corner. It should appear as 3 lines.

Select 'Account'

Select the 'Pay & Tax' icon, which should be reflected with a $.

Click 'Check'

Enter the account type (checking/savings), your bank routing number and account number. Then, click 'Save'.

No Direct Deposit Bank Account?

If you do not have an account that you would like to set up for direct deposit, you may select “Don’t have direct deposit?”, which will prompt you to choose PayPal for your payment type.

**In regards to payment, please note the following:

  • Any Look that is completed between a Sunday and a Saturday is paid out on the following Friday. If you are signed up with direct deposit (ACH) or PayPal, payment is usually deposited by the end of the day on the Friday payment is issued.
  • Please be advised that the completion date is not always the same day you submit the Look, but rather the day we approve and submit it to our client.  This means that it can, in some cases, take one to two weeks to receive payment.
  • Although most payments are usually issued within two weeks of a Look's completion, in rare circumstances it may take up to 30 days.
  • Please note: There is a $1.50 fee for PayPal, but direct deposit (ACH) is free. (US only)



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